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German is the second most commonly used scientific language in the world. German is among the ten most commonly spoken languages in the world and has the largest number of native speakers in the European Union. German is the gateway to a world-class higher education. If you are an English speaker, you are actually already quite advantaged to pick up German easily as both the languages share the same Germanic root!

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  • 1 Basic Building Blocks
    Alphabets, Phonetics, Numbers, Counting Colors, Greetings & Phrases, Basic Adjectives
    5 Hours  Add
  • 2 Always in Action!
    Conjugating and understanding usage of all basic verbs, Verb positioning, Interrogatives
    5 Hours  Add
  • 3 Around the world
    Different nationalities, languages, geographical locations
    5 Hours  Add
  • 4 'Objects' of desire
    Articles, definite and indefinite, Singular and Plural, Negations
    5 Hours  Add
  • 5 Here or there? Everywhere!
    Asking and giving ,Directions and Citing Locations
    5 Hours  Add
  • 6 Yours or mine?
    Understanding the concept and usage of  possessive articles, Framing simple introductions
    5 Hours  Add
  • 7 Give me the time...
    Asking for and telling the time, fixing  appointments, Citing dates, seasons, months, days of the week
    5 Hours  Add
  • 8 Food for thought
    Naming different dishes and drink, fruits vegetables & Groceries (common to the Western culture), Understanding a Menu, Placing an order in a café and a restaurant, Shopping
    5 Hours  Add
  • 9 Clothes
    Citing different pieces of Clothing (common to the European culture) and describing the same, Buying clothing
    5 Hours  Add
  • 10 Work and Travel
    Citing different places of work, describing different modes of transportation, Describing Travel on a vacation/holiday
    5 Hours  Add
  • 1 Freedom of expression!
    Expressing opinions and reasons, Conditional sentences
    5 Hours  Add
  • 2 Health is Wealth!
    Parts of the Body, At the Doctors
    5 Hours  Add
  • 3 It's all relative!
    Describing family members, relations, Family statuses, Relative Pronouns
    5 Hours  Add
  • 4 I rest my case! A deep look into the 3 principle cases of German- Nominative, Accusative and Dative 5 Hours  Add
  • 5 I versus Me
    Accusative and Dative Pronouns: How does I become me, he become him, she become her
    5 Hours  Add
  • 6 I can, I will and I shall!
    Modal verbs- The verbs associated with very specific situations Giving commands and placing requests
    5 Hours  Add
  • 7 A past not so 'old'
    A detailed study of the perfect/past participle tense
    5 Hours  Add
  • 8 Pre-position yourself!
    A deep analysis of all the prepositions and demonstratives of the German language, Demonstratives
    5 Hours  Add
  • 9 Likes and Dislikes
    Citing what one likes and doesn't like, Preferences, Comparisons- Comparative and Superlative (good, better, best..)
    5 Hours  Add
  • 10 'Un' breakable? A unique concept only existing in the German language- Breakable/Separable verbs: both in present and perfect Tense 5 Hours  Add
  • 1 For or Against? Initiating, conducting and concluding a professional debate 5 Hours  Add
  • 2 What does the future hold? Prognoses, Predictions and a deep analysis of the future tense 5 Hours  Add
  • 3 Double or nothing? Double conjunctions: not... but, not only... but also, either... or, neither... nor 5 Hours  Add
  • 4 Passive is good! Complete coverage of Passive voice, Understanding recipes, texts of mass production of goods 5 Hours  Add
  • 5 Re-flex your brain! Reflexive actions and pronouns and Usage of the same 5 Hours  Add
  • 6 A 'Possessive' Case A quick revision of Nominative, accusative and Dative case and introducing and using the Genetive case 5 Hours  Add
  • 7 The past is history... Understanding the pure past tense of all verbs and using them in contexts 5 Hours  Add
  • 8 The cutest couple! Verb and preposition pairs in the German language and their important usages 5 Hours  Add
  • 9 Who doesn't like compliments? Adjectives, Adjective endings and usages 5 Hours  Add
  • 10 Motion in Emotion Describing different media, human emotions, reacting to emotions, phrases for different emotions, Describing a Film 5 Hours  Add

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