Turkish is referred to as Istanbul Turkish, is the most widely spoken of the Turkic languages, Sixty-six million of the world's 71 million Turkish speakers are in Turkey, with smaller populations found in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, and Kazakhstan. Turkish as an official European Union language.

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  • 1 Basic Building Blocks Alphabets, Phonetics, Numbers, Counting, Colors, Greetings, Basic Adjectives.Basic vocabulary  4 Hours  Add
  • 2 Always in Action! Conjugating and understanding usage of all basic verbs, Verb positioning, Interrogatives 4 Hours  Add
  • 3 Around the world Different nationalities, languages, geographical locations 4 Hours  Add
  • 4 'Objects' of desire Articles, definite and indefinite, Singular and Plural, Negations 4 Hours  Add
  • 5 Yours or mine? Understanding the concept and usage of possessive articles, Framing simple introductions 4 Hours  Add
  • 6 Give me the time... Asking for and telling the time, fixing  appointments, Citing dates, seasons, months, days of the week. 4 Hours  Add
  • 7 Food for thought Naming different dishes and drink, fruits vegetables & Groceries (common to the Western culture), Understanding a Menu, Placing an order in a cafĂ© and a restaurant, Shopping. 4 Hours  Add
  • 8 Here or there? Everywhere! Asking and giving Directions and Citing Locations 4 Hours  Add
  • 9 Clothes Citing different pieces of Clothing (common to the European culture) and describing the same, Buying clothing. 4 Hours  Add
  • 10 Work and Travel. Basic conversation Citing different places of work, describing different modes of transportation, Describing Travel on a vacation/holiday. Conversation and A1 level test 4 Hours  Add

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