Student - Terms And Conditions

  1. Students must operate from fully charged laptops to avoid cancellation of classes due to power cuts.
  2. An opted module must be completed in a stipulated amount of time, and cannot be stretched indefinitely. The timelines are as below. No permutations and combinations are allowed for number of hours. Each class per day must be only for 1 hour, covering that content for that hour as stated in the learning plan ppt provided by LanguageStation.>

  3. Module opted for Number of weeks within which course must be finished
    5 hours 1 week: each class- 1 hour
    10 hours 2 week: each class- 1 hour
    15 hours 3 week: each class- 1 hour
    20 hours 4 week: each class- 1 hour
    25 hours 5 week: each class- 1 hour
    30 hours 6 week: each class- 1 hour
    35 hours 7 week: each class- 1 hour
    40 hours 8 week: each class- 1 hour
    45 hours 9 week: each class- 1 hour
    50 hours 10 week: each class- 1 hour
  4. The student must not ask for personal details such as email id or phone number. If the student is unable to attend the class(es) in the next hour, they must inform the trainer in the current class itself.
  5. In all cases, the student and trainer are requested to be formal and be presentable in a proper dress code, eliminating chances of embarrassing situations.
  6. There will be no refunds or paybacks entertained if there are problems from student’s end such as power cuts, internet issues, personal reasons or plans. Students are provided with a demo class, and must report any issues they have with the quality of the trainer after the demo class itself. Any complaints at a later stage cannot be acted upon.
  7. All students must follow and be a part of our social media- Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube, twitter, linkedin and quora. This encourages participation.
  8. In any case in case of power or Internet failure, classes can be taken on alternative day, as we have provided a decent time buffer for each module.
  9. The courses @ LanguageStation are not certification courses corresponding to any European level, so please do not expect any certificates to be given to you. These courses help you gain a perspective of the language with the help of online classes only, since you are unable to travel. Expectations of a private/face-face class cannot be met in an online class.
  10. Your sessions will be recorded by LanguageStation and stored in the backend, for audit and verification purposes.