Trainer - Terms And Conditions

  1. Every new trainer must agree to undergo an Online 1-2 hour induction program of LanguageStation. Here trainers are trained on how material must be used for training for all levels, as well as briefed on the rules and regulations of being a trainer with
  2. The trainer must commence/be present online at the right appointed time- even if the student is late. The trainer represents the face of LanguageStation and has to keep the same up, even if the customer could be at fault. Late commencements/logins could lead to deductions.
  3. The trainer is free to choose the content from any online source to explain concepts, but must adhere to the topics of training course content (the ppts provided by LanguageStation)
  4. The topics of the training course plan must be followed in order without skipping.
  5. An opted module must be completed in a stipulated amount of time, and cannot be stretched indefinitely. The timelines are as below. No permutations and combinations are allowed for number of hours. Each class per day must be only for 1 hour, covering that content for that hour as stated in the learning plan ppt provided by LanguageStation.

  6. Module opted for Number of weeks within which course must be finished
    5 hours 1 week: each class- 1 hour (40% buffer)
    10 hours 2 week: each class- 1 hour (40% buffer)
    15 hours 3 week: each class- 1 hour (40% buffer)
    20 hours 4 week: each class- 1 hour (40% buffer)
    25 hours 5 week: each class- 1 hour (40% buffer)
    30 hours 6 week: each class- 1 hour (40% buffer)
    35 hours 7 week: each class- 1 hour (40% buffer)
    40 hours 8 week: each class- 1 hour (40% buffer)
    45 hours 9 week: each class- 1 hour (40% buffer)
    50 hours 10 week: each class- 1 hour (40% buffer)
  7. The trainer must on no account entertain personal requests of students to take personal/private classes, or exchange personal contact details with the student. If the student is unable to attend the next hour, then he/she must inform the same 24 hours in advance.
  8. For all practical purposes, the management of LanguageStation will hold the final say.
  9. If the student is not satisfied with the classes (reasons could be quality, level of knowledge of the trainer, unpunctuality, breach of protocols etc.), the amount can be refunded to the student and the assignment will be considered as an unpaid assignment for the respective trainer.
  10. Incomplete assignments will not be paid to the trainers. For e.g.: As a trainer you have agreed to train a student online for a 50-hour course in French 1. Suddenly a plan comes up in the last minute at your end, and as the trainer you decide to cancel the class. You will not be paid for the hours you have already taught. However, exceptions based on the jurisdiction and judgment of the LS management could differ in genuine cases.
  11. No concept of arranging back-up trainers or back-up classes in cases of emergency.
  12. We suggest all trainers to operate from fully charged laptops at all times to avoid facing problems of cancelling classes due to power cuts. We also suggest good Internet connectivity. In any case, in case of power or Internet failure, classes can be taken on an alternative day, as we have provided a decent time buffer for each module.
  13. In case the trainer is present, and the student doesn’t turn up or vice versa, the responsible party must contact LS team to communicate the same. They shall do the required follow up.
  14. All trainers must follow and be a part of our social media- Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube, twitter, linkedin and quora. This encourages participation, and influences the trainer ranking.
  15. In all cases, the student and trainer are requested to be formal and be presentable in a proper dress code, eliminating chances of embarrassing situations.
  16. After a class/course is finished, the trainer must update the status as “done/finished” along with other administrative duties (updating student feedback and comments etc. at the end of the course). Keep your contact details up-to-date and maintain quality photographs and update your availability calendar on your LS profile, by logging in regularly onto LS.
  17. Your sessions will be recorded by LanguageStation and stored in the backend, for audit and verification purposes.
  18. In case of any queries regarding rules and regulations please contact us and we shall arrange a con-call with our representative.

Demo Classes

At LanguageStation, we provide the concept of free Demo classes as an option, so the first class with any *new trainer is a free demo-class. Only after the student affirms that he/she is comfortable with the trainer, the classes commence on an official note as a paid assignment. Every new student/trainer gets ONLY 1 demo class.
*If the trainer is not new and has already taught the same student before, no demo classes will be provided in such an instance for the same language.

Payment terms and conditions

  1. We propose the following rates for ALL trainers: English: 200 INR per hour Indian Languages such as Kannada and Hindi: 250 INR per hour Foreign languages: 250 INR per hour onwards.
  2. Account details of trainers is shared with the LanguageStation accounts team, so all trainers are added to a net banking facility.
  3. Payments to trainers are made at the end of the course module only. The payment is then settled with the trainer in the first week of the subsequent month.
  4. While settling the payment of the trainer, 50% is deducted towards maintenance and marketing charges of LanguageStation. Applicable TDS deductions would also be present.